One reading learning problem is dyslexia. Dyslexics find it difficult to read accurately and at a fast speed. Additionally, they could struggle with writing, spelling, and reading comprehension. However, intelligence is not the issue with these difficulties.

One common condition that makes reading difficult is dyslexia. Between five and ten percent of people have it according to some experts. According to some, up to 17% of people exhibit signs of reading difficulties.

Dyslexic children never fully outgrow it. However, there are instructional approaches and techniques that can assist dyslexics and help them become more proficient readers and cope with the difficulties. Dyslexia can be tested in people of any age, although adult testing differs from child exams.

Those who have dyslexia usually struggle with reading fluently. They read slowly and often mistakes. That may affect their ability to understand what they read. However, individuals frequently have no trouble understanding the text when it is read to them by someone else.

Does IQ Increase in Dyslexics?

According to certain research, individuals with dyslexia may have higher IQs. Owing to the fact that dyslexics excel in the following domains:

Solving Puzzles and Thinking Visually
Conceptual Thinking in 3D Shapes
Recognising Trends
Capable of Having Concept Talks
Imaginative and creative

A child with dyslexia can excel in science, math, and engineering thanks to all these dyslexic skills. These are the subjects that are typically linked to high intelligence and IQ.

However, other research has not discovered a significant IQ difference between individuals with dyslexia and those without it.

Average IQ of someone with dyslexia

Regarding the subject of whether the IQs of individuals with and without dyslexia differ, researchers have not yet discovered a definitive response.

While some research have revealed no differences, others have discovered that dyslexics may do better in some areas, such as speaking rapidly or thinking visually.

However, altogether, the evidence is conflicting, making it difficult to conclude with certainty if dyslexia and IQ are related.

It’s important to keep in mind that IQ tests only assess specific abilities, such as the ability to solve problems and speak clearly. That is only a small part of intelligence; it also include creativity, interpersonal relationships, and emotional intelligence.

Why are dyslexic people so smart?

It’s essential to keep in mind that IQ tests do not capture all aspects of intelligence. They solely gauge items such as:

Solving issues
Clearly thinking
Employing language effectively

However, intellect goes well beyond that. It also concerns:

Being imaginative,
Getting along with other people
Recognising your emotions

Dyslexic Strengths

People in the UK are starting to realise that people with dyslexia have a lot to contribute. Numerous dyslexic individuals have achieved great success in a variety of fields, including business, science, and the arts.

Dyslexics frequently experience:

powerful cognitive abilities
skilled in recognising details in images
Capable of generating original thoughts

It’s important to highlight your child’s talents and provide the support they require for success if you’re a parent or teacher of a dyslexic child.

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