What age do I start teaching Sight Words?

There is no age limit to when your child can start learning, only you as their parent can gauge whether your child is mature enough to begin. They obviously need to know the alphabet and for the high-frequency words [not sight words] they must also know their phonics. For example, the word ‘LOOK’ is a high-frequency word and so the child must know what sound the L makes, what sound a double OO makes and then again the K. You cannot teach these words until the basic sounds are known.

We think a good age to start is three years old though we have had children younger play our games. It is important not to rush this type of learning so go at the pace of your child and their overall development.

How do I order a board game?

There are 2 options you can go for. Themed Packs and Individual Boards. Simple go to the dropdown menu at the top menu bar and select which option you’d like. Take your time to browse our selection of games because it is essential to choose 3 board games or a theme what will engage your child.

How many Board Games are there in a Pack?

There are 3 board games in every pack. This is the same whether you purchase the Themed Packs or choose and purchase the Individual Boards.

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What else comes in the Pack?

The 3 board games comes with an eye-catching Spike’s Sight Words Plastic Wallet Pack that the games get stored in.


There are also 6 drawstring bags which have been divided up into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Words. You obviously use the words according to your child’s level.


There is also a dice and 4 playing pieces. Although it is perfectly fine to play the board games using the playing pieces we have provided, we strongly recommend using real toy cars, chess pieces or any other objects you may have lying around to help make the games even more exciting and engaging!


They also come with a Spike’s Sight Words tick off sheet so you can keep an eye on your child’s progress.

Can I get a refund if I need to?

Of course you can! Though we are confident you shall never have to for our games are of high-quality and are exactly how they are described!

If however, you still find you would like to return your Spike’s Sight Word Pack, then first contact us on the form at the bottom of this page and we will talk you through the process.

Read Our Story

‘Spike’ was born when I teaching my son to read at 3 years old. I had successfully taught my daughter to read at this age and had used various flashcards to help her with the memorisation of sight and high-frequency words.

My son however, [pictured here] didn’t latch onto the flashcards and trying to find ways to help him learn his sight words proved difficult. My son loves cars and trains and so I started designing some vehicle based playing boards. We used real toy cars and real toy trains to play on the boards which my son utterly loved. Finally, I had found something fun and exciting for him to play and learn with!

After one week, he had confidently learned around 12 sight words and was well on his reading journey. Within a month, I can confidently say that his reading went up two levels [with the help of phonics and decoding practice also].

My daughter also wanted to play with us but she knew all the words already. I found a great way of still including her by making her spell the word her playing piece landed on.

And so my passion for teaching my children to read led to setting up the ‘Spike’s Sight Word’ Company.

The company is young but we have huge ambitions to stir up the way these words are learned.

So thank you for reading our story and we hope you manage to find some boards that interest your child.

In time, we will be designing more boards for children to play on so watch this space!

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