From 1st designs to final product!

Take a look how are boards are made!

step one

These were some of Spike’s earliest board game designs – they may only be basic but they inspired the professional boards we have today!

step two

Spike then teamed up with one of Sri Lankan’s leading designers. Here is Shanaka hard at work. He took our early / rough designs and added his magical designer touches!

step three

Once the designs have been signed off by our CEO, they get sent to our factory. There, our skillful team carefully print out the designs on their enormous machines.

step four

The boards and tokens are meticulously checked and the pack begins to take shape…

step five

The different elements of the pack are then bought together, ready for the final step.

step six

The packs are then assembled carefully.

step seven

Once assembled, the packs are then sent to our office and warehouse.


So now that you have seen how we make the boards, why don’t you now…