Having a good vocabulary is ESSENTIAL to facilitate reading, writing, speaking and listening in any language.

Statistics by the Global Language Monitor (GLM) have revealed that there are approximately 1,019,729 words in the English language.



The GLM also estimates that a new word is created almost every 98 minutes around the world!

New words in English (A-E)


1. Abnegation: renunciation of a doctrine or belief.

2. Ambigue: An ambiguous expression or statement.

3. Athleisure: Comfortable and casual footwear & clothing designed for exercise and rigorous activity.

4. Broigus: Angry or irritated.

5. By-Catch: A catch of fish that cannot be put to commercial use.

6. Blert: A cowardly person, someone who is weak.

7. Comp: Providing products or services free of charge as a token of appreciation, a favour.

8. Cryptocurrency: Virtual or digital currency used on the internet. (This is among the new words in English that have emerged as a result of technological advancements in the industry of finance.)

9. Cringe: To feel ashamed or embarrassed by what someone else is doing or saying.

10. Deepfake: A recording or image that has been altered convincingly to misinterpret what someone is doing or saying. (This is among the new words in English that have emerged as a result of technological advancements in the industry of finance.)

11. Delicense: To deprive a vehicle, business, or person of their license (official permission to operate).

12. Destigmatizing: The process of removing social stigma or negative connotations associated with someone or something.

13. Eradicate: To destroy something completely down to its roots.

14. Ebullient: Unrestrained joyously.

15. Efface: To remove, typically by erasing or rubbing.

New words in English (F-J)

16. Fantoosh: Showy; flashy; stylish; exotic; sophisticated. Used often to imply pretentiousness & ostentation.

17. Functional: Capable of or designed for a particular purpose.

18. Fatuous: Devoid of intelligence.

19. Gratuitous: Unwarranted or uncalled for.

20. Gaffe: A tactless or socially-awkward act.

21. Galvanize: To stimulate action.

22. Hench: A person with strong musculature; an individual with a remarkable physique.

23. Hir: A gender-neutral adjective is used to indicate possession.

24. Hair Doughnut: A doughnut-shaped sponge used to support a specific hair-do.

25. Influencer: An individual who changes or affects the way a larger group of people behave.

26. Infirm: Lack of vitality, or bodily & muscular strength.

27. Incessant: Without any interruption.

28. Jovial: Displaying high-spirit merriment.

29. Jaunt: A journey taken typically for pleasure.

30. Jaded: Apathetic or bored after experiencing an excess of something.

New words in English (K-O)

31. Kwell: To talk proudly, admiringly, or enthusiastically about something.

32. Knell: The sound of a bell rung very slowly; a toll.

33. Kip: Informal word for ‘sleep’.

34. LOL: Abbreviated form for ‘Laugh Out Loud’. Used commonly for communicating informally on social media platforms.

35. Lethargy: To display an unusual lack of energy or inactivity.

36. Largesse: Generosity or kindness in bestowing money or gifts.

37. Multifarious: Diverse, or multifaceted.

38. Municipal: Related to a self-governing district.

39. Microfinance: Financial services that are provided to individuals & communities in rural & developing areas.

40. Nomophobia: Anxiety about lack of access to a smartphone or mobile phone services.

41. Naivete: Lack of worldliness & sophistication.

42. Nascent: The beginning; being born.

43. Onboarding: The process of integrating a new employee into a team or organisation.

44. Oat-Milk: Milk prepared from oats; used commonly in cooking and in drinks.

45. Onset: The early stages, or beginning of.

New words in English (P-T)

46. Pronoid: A person who is convinced of others’ goodwill towards themselves.

47. Puggle: A young platypus or echidna.

48. Pertinacious: Someone who is stubborn & unyielding.

49. Quotidian: An event or task that is of daily occurrence.

50. Quisling: A traitor. (This word is also among the list of 50 difficult words in the English language!)

51. Quaff: To swallow greedily or hurriedly in a single draught.

52. Rat-Tamer: Informal for a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

53. Recalcitrant: Resistant to authority or force.

54. Raconteur: A person who is skilled in telling anecdotes.

55. Sandboxing: The restriction of a code or piece of software to a specific environment on a computer system that can be run securely.

56. Self-isolate: To deliberately isolate oneself from others; to undertake a period of self-imposed isolation.

57. Shero: A heroine; a hero of the female gender.

58. Topophilia: An emotional connection to a physical environment or a particular place.

59. Truthiness: Something of a seemingly truthful quality that is not supported by evidence or facts.

60. Tract: An area of land that is extended.


Abrogate– To revoke something formally.

Abstruse– Difficult to understand.

Accede- Yield to anothers’ wish or opinion.

Blandishment– Flattery intended to persuade.

Calumny– A false accusation of an offense.

Circumlocution– An indirect way of expressing something.

Demagogue– A leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions

Enervate– Weaken physically, emotionally, or morally.

Sesquipedalian– A foot and a half long.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious– Something that is extraordinarily good.

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