It’s estimated that over 10 million kids worldwide struggle with reading comprehension. Despite the large number, struggling readers are nonetheless capable of overcoming their obstacles. Approximately 90% to 95% of kids who have reading challenges can get past their obstacles if they get the correct help at a young age.

First and foremost, you should be aware that it is feasible to assist your child in overcoming reading challenges. The issue is assuming it will happen instantly.

What are some typical challenges that kids have with reading?

One of the most prevalent is dyslexia. Children who with dyslexia have difficulty translating the written letters into spoken language.

By not being able to decode words, they are not able to understand what the text means. A great way of helping children with Dyslexia become readers is to introduce them to decodable books.

From strengthening orthographic memory to building confidence and reinforcing children’s knowledge of phonics, decodable books offer various benefits and allow children with reading difficulties to take a big step towards independent reading.

They can have trouble staying still and focusing, struggle with speech and language issues, have a history of hearing loss, or have become so nervous about reading that it prevents them from learning. Since they may not speak English at home, they might also only be beginning to learn the language.

Here are some ways you can involve your child…
Reach out to their passions

It’s true that reading scheme books aren’t usually the most thrilling to read. Children are frequently expected to read every book in every level, whether or not they are interested in the subject. It’s crucial to provide kids the opportunity to read for enjoyment and to use their own interests to make reading enjoyable.

Request one-on-one assistance

One of the greatest ways to help your child advance in their reading is to read one-on-one with an assistant. If you’re worried about your child’s progress, it’s always worth asking their teacher if there is any support available.

Play games with them

Playing educational games is an excellent way to encourage a child to read while engaging them in one of their favourite games. Our own board games are relaxed and fun, enabling you to engage with your child whilst reading in a non-obvious way. We have over 30 designs to choose from – making you able to choose a subject your child is engaged in.

Choose books that actually appeal

There are many brilliant books out there for kids, so if you haven’t found the one that motivates your child yet, keep looking. From comics to action books there are plenty to choose from. Just like our board games, having a subject your child likes will really help with the engagement process.

Embrace challenges

The temptation, when helping a struggling reader, is often to ‘dumb things down,’ for example by choosing easier books or skipping over difficult words, but actually, children usually love a challenge, and to reap the rewards when they succeed. Try learning one new word a day / week – learn a new word yourself if that helps!

Be a role model

As we all know children copy so if you’re not engaged in reading then the chances are they won’t be either. Every time your child sees you with a book then they themselves will feel more motivated to do it. You could even read to your child over dinner – a great bonding exercise as well as learning – for all!

Look for help

Whether it be online or at a local library – there is help out there for you. Millions of dedicated SENCO’S [Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator’s] around the world work tirelessly to help struggling readers. Their education, ideas and pure passion can really make a difference.

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