A capitonym is a word whose meaning varies according to whether its initial letter is capitalised or not.

Capitonyms  are often homonyms (words that sound alike but have different meanings) but not always; they’re actually a specific form of homograph (words that share the same spelling but different meanings.

amber – a colour of a yellowish-gold hue, often used to describe the tint of honey

Amber – a female name

august – deserving of great homage. Royal, regal, notable. “An august personage.” “An august occasion.”

August – the eighth month of the year, in the Gregorian calendar

afghan – a cloth covering, similar to a blanket, designed to provide warmth and comfort.

Afghan – a native of Afghanistan

china – a type of material that is used to create dinnerware – plates, cups, etc. “Wedding china” or “china patterns”

China – a country in Asia

earth – soil or dirt

Earth – the third planet from the Sun

may – to request or grant permission; to express possibility

May – the fifth month of the Gregorian calendar. Also, a female name. “May

(British) Boxing Day: A public holiday celebrated on the first day after Christmas Day
boxing: The sport or practice of fighting with the fists

divine: very pleasing, delightful

Divine: Providence or God

lent: to grant someone the use of something on the understanding that it will be returned

Lent: (in the Christian Church) The period preceding Easter.

mandarin: A small flattish citrus fruit with a loose yellow-orange skin.

Mandarin: The standard literary and official form of Chinese.

march: to walk in a military manner with a regular measured tread.

March: The third month of the year

mercury: A substance also known as quicksilver

Mercury: The messenger god of Roman mythology, or the first planet in the Solar System

polish: To shine the surface of something, or the substance used to do this.

Polish: Someone from Poland

reading: The action or skill of reading.

Reading: A town in Berkshire, southern England.

turkey: A large mainly domesticated game bird native to North America. It is a popular food on festive occasions such as Christmas and (in the US) Thanksgiving.

Turkey: A country in western Asia, with a small portion in south-eastern Europe.

manila: a strong paper with a smooth light brown finish

Manila: Capital of the Philippines

pole: post, pillar, rod or support

Pole: A native of Poland

titanic: gigantic, huge, colossal or immense

Titanic: name of a ship